Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Our Mission

Rainier Guest Services is embracing environmental stewardship in a variety of ways. Our mission is to provide quality products and services in a manner which preserves and protects our planets natural resources. We focus on reducing our environmental footprint, reusing supplies and recycling operational products.

  • Our retail outlets offer an increasing variety of goods made in the USA and from recycled materials. We have implemented the use of recycled paper and compostable serveware in our grab and go dining outlets
  • We purchase eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products for use in our dining and lodging facilities
  • A thorough review of all new chemicals is conducted prior to incorporating them into our daily operations because we recognize the importance of safer products for guests, employees as well as the natural environment
  • Our retail outlets have eliminated the use of paper bags and replaced them with reusable totes for continued future use
  • We use Green Seal certified facial and toilet tissues
  • Our dining outlets have integrated the use of foods produced within 500 miles of our location and focus on using fresh, seasonal produce so that guests can experience a greater connection with our location in a more sustainable way
  • We service only Alaskan wild-caught salmon because it is recognized as the gold standard for seafood sustainability

  • We reduce food waste by collecting scraps and leftover food for compost from the Tatoosh Café as well as the Paradise Inn and National Park Inn Dining Rooms
  • Our dining outlets collect and recycle their used cooking oil to be converted into biodiesel
  • Cardboard boxes and packaging materials from mail orders and deliveries are reused as often as possible
  • We divert tons of waste on an annual basis by recycling batteries, print cartridges, fluorescent light bulbs, electronic waste, paper, glass, cans, certain plastics, and cardboard
  • We use recycled paper for printing
  • Recycling receptacles are available in shared guest spaces to encourage guest participation in our recycling efforts
  • Leftover guest room amenities including soap, shampoo, and conditioner are collected and donated to a local homeless mission
  • All used bedding and other soft goods are donated to a local homeless shelter or the Goodwill


  • Hydration stations are located throughout the park as we are phasing out single-use bottles and encouraging the use of reusable bottles
  • We have implemented a linen and towel reuse program which offers guests the option to reuse their linen and towels for up to three days to reduce the use of excess water and detergent
  • Low-flow water faucets were installed at National Park Inn
  • An energy management program in lodging and associate housing is currently in the process of including the installation of motion detector lighting and wireless thermostat controls
  • Energy efficient boilers were installed in both of our hotels which use less fuel for the heat they produce


  • Four of our transportation vans and one maintenance vehicle were replaced with propane converted vehicles
  • We provide associate shuttles that transport staff and supplies to and from the mountain in April through October reducing emissions and helping to eliminate congested parking in the park
  • 85% of deliveries are dropped off at our Warehouse and combined with other deliveries onto a scheduled delivery truck to reduce the carbon footprint

  • ISO-14001 International Environmental Standard Certified. This 3-year certification was re-issued in 2017
  • Washington Lodging Association’s Good Earthkeeping Award for 2017

When you stay with us, there are a number of things you can do to help reduce our carbon footprint! Here are just a few recommendations:

When you visit our gift shops, purchase souvenirs that are marked as “Environmentally Friendly,” “Recycled Content,” or “Made in USA.”

Help us reduce the volume of plastic bottle waste out of the landfill by bringing your own reusable water bottles to fill at one of our hydration stations conveniently located throughout the park. The hydration stations utilize a local natural resource and prevent unnecessary waste from plastic bottles. Reusable water bottles are also available for purchase at our gift shops.

Conserve water by using sink stoppers to help minimize water waste. Reusing your towels and linens is easy; simply place the provided linen reuse card on your bed and the housekeepers will make your bed but not change your sheets. Place your towel on the rack to indicate that you would like to reuse it. If you would like a new towel, leave the dirty one on the floor or in the tub and housekeeping will exchange it.

Help others in need while diverting waste from the landfill! All partially used hotel amenities are donated to a local homeless shelter. To participate, simply leave your partially used hotel amenities behind; they will be collected by housekeeping staff and set aside to be donated.

Help us keep trash out of the landfill by recycling! Please use our recycling stations located throughout the park and in guest rooms. Glass, Plastic and cans are recycled. If you need to dispose of batteries during your visit, you may drop them off at any one of our gift shops. These batteries are properly recycled through Waste Management’s Battery Tracker program.

Practice the Leave No Trace concept throughout the Park which includes staying on designated trails, discarding trash, cigarette butts, and gum in proper receptacles.

The Exhaust from idling vehicles can affect air quality and pose a health risk to the community which is why the National Park Service has a no-idling policy. Please do your part and turn off your vehicle to reduce idle time.

Help out your fellow guests by adhering to the night sky program; please close your curtains after dark to minimize light pollution.

We appreciate all that our guests do to help keep our park clean and environmentally friendly! If you have a suggestion, please let us know.