Before you travel, please make sure to visit Mount Rainier’s travel information page for closures, road updates and timed entry information. More info



As a guest in the park you always want to make sure that you are prepared for anything. It’s always a good idea to have sunblock, bug spray, a waterproof light jacket, and a good sturdy pair of walking shoes/ hiking boots.

Good Question! Weather on Mount Rainier will change with the elevation and it will change fast. It may be sunny and warm at Paradise at 9 am but at 9:15 it may be cloudy and starting to rain. If it’s raining at Paradise, it might not be raining at Longmire or Sunrise. The best way to see what the weather is doing is to visit to look at the webcam of the area you want to visit. The Mount Rainier Recreational Forecast is another amazing resource and can be found at

A great question indeed! There are a lot of very popular trails at Mount Rainier National Park. Trail maps for the Paradise, Longmire, Ohanapecosh, Sunrise, and Carbon River areas are available at These maps are organized by difficulty.

Congratulations on your ambition! To hike the entirety of the Wonderland Trail, you will need a permit from the National Park Service. More information on permits, please visit

Yes, it is possible to get to the top of Mount Rainier but you would have to have a climbing permit. Information on permits can be found on the Mount Rainier National Park Website.

Yes it is possible to keep food safe during your visit. Remember that we are a historic hotel in a National Park and critters happen; this is their home. All though we do our best to keep them at bay, it takes your help to mitigate this issue. All food in your room should be in a stowed in a durable plastic storage container or left in your vehicle. This will make your accommodations less desirable to them. If you do have an issue during your visit, please let the front desk know so we can assist.

Specifically, park visitors will need a reservation between 7 a.m. and 3 pm:

To enter the Paradise Corridor from either the Nisqually entrance via State Route 706 or Stevens Canyon via State Route 123  May 24 through Sept. 2.
To enter the Sunrise Corridor at the White River entrance via State Route 410  July 3 through Sept. 2. The Sunrise Corridor is open to the public without a reservation after 3 p.m.
Staff with stickers on their vehicles may enter without a timed entry reservation.  All guide programs may enter with their vehicles without timed entry.  Lodging guests may enter (with a copy of their reservation) at 1pm or later via the Nisqually or Stevens Canyon entrances.  If clients or non-stickered vehicles want to enter during the timed entry window, they will have to acquire a timed entry reservation.

Bear spray is a great tool for those who know how to use it and are hiking in the wilderness alone. If you are visiting for  the day, you will not need it.

Meals are not included in your stay. Guests at the National Park Inn have the opportunity to charge their meals to their room. Meals at the Paradise Inn must be paid for at the time of service.

We do have many options for dining. Both the National Park Inn and Paradise Inn have full service dining rooms. The General Store at Longmire has grab-n-go and sundries. There is a snack bar at the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center. The Tatoosh Cafe in the lobby of the Paradise Inn has grab-n-go options as well as a plentiful espresso menu. The Sunrise area has a snack bar and sundries.  Please see our dining page for current dining restrictions for 2021.

Unless you are in a campsite with the National Park Service approved fire pits, there is no open burning within Mount Rainier National Park.  Please be mindful of burn bans in effect during your stay.

Firewood is available at Cougar Rock Campground and at the Longmire General Store for your convenience. For more information on campgrounds and campfires, please visit Please be mindful of burn bans in effect during your stay.

That distinction is bestowed on the Sunrise area. They visitor center at Sunrise is located at 6,400 ft above sea level

One full day in the park means you can enjoy the Mount Rainier experience on a smaller scale. We would definitely recommend seeing Myrtle Falls at Paradise, hiking the Trail of the Shadows at Longmire, grabbing a cup of cocoa on the National Park Inn porch, and taking in the sunset alpenglow on the Tatoosh mountains from the Paradise Inn veranda.

There are some very easy hikes and occasionally some fun ranger lead programs. More information on these can be found on the Mount Rainier National Park Website. If you would like to explore the small towns around the park, please check out for a list of local activities and trip planning guides.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Our hotels do not have event space for a ceremony. Our sales department would be happy to assist you with a group meal if you would be interested. Please use our Contact Us option to request more information.

If you would like to have your ceremony in the park you will need a permit. More information on wedding permits is available on the Mount Rainier National Park Website.

Our deepest condolences to you and your family. The spreading of ashes will require a permit from the National Park Service. Information for this permit is available on the Mount Rainier National Park Website.  If you would like to schedule a group meal for your celebration of life, please use the Contact Us option to request more information.

What a fun idea! Our sales department can help you with planning a group arrival for one of our hotels. Please use our Contact Us option to request a group reservation form.

Gift certificates are a great gift option. Gift certificates can be purchased by contacting our sales office at 1-855-755-2275 during our normal business hours.

Yes! Our webstore is up and running. Mount Rainier Gift Shop If you have questions about a specific item, please use the Contact Us option to inquire with our retail department.

Oh no! Our office staff can assist you! For items left at the National Park Inn or the Paradise Inn, call 360-569-2400
For items left at the park (trails, campgrounds, visitor centers, etc.), call 360-569-6608.

We would be honored to have  you on staff. More information on our employment opportunities can be found here on our website at

No, we do not provide guest shuttle services. It is highly advised that guests have their own transportation. Taxi services and ride shares do not provide services this far from city limits.

Our hotels do not have Wi-Fi available. There is a public Wi-Fi signal provided by the National Park Service at the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center in the Paradise area. We cannot make any promises on the strength or quality of the signal. The next closest Wi-Fi signal is in the town of Ashford at one of the local restaurants. There is cell service in the Paradise area.

There is no cell service generally as you enter the park. The only area of the park with consistent cell service is the Paradise area.

Our hotel rooms do not come with small appliances like a mini-fridge, coffee maker,  or microwave. You are provided with an alarm clock and lamp. Hair dryers are available upon request.

Yes, there are plenty of outlets for charging devices.

We take requests for mountain views into consideration. However, due to our high demand and the rapidly changing weather, we cannot make any guarantees.

Don’t fret friend. We can help you! If you have another date that will work for you, we can make a change.  Please contact our reservations department to make changes to your reservation 1-855-755-2275

Sledding is only permitted when the snow pack is deep enough to protect the fragile meadows. The snow play area at Paradise is generally open from January until March. This area is the only area where sledding is permitted.

There isn’t an additional fee for parking.  Parking is on a first come first serve basis and is shared with the day visitors.

Yes, The National Park Service does offer a prepayment option for the entrance fee. This helps decrease wait times. More information on entrance fees and pre-payment can be found here:

All entrance fees are good for 7 days of unlimited access. Remember to get a receipt  and keep it in a safe place.

Our front desks do not have secure space to store luggage. The best place to keep your luggage is locked in your vehicle.

Most of the park amenities are open for use. Please check the Mount Rainier National Park website for more information on any seasonal closures, road status, and other updates. The National Park Service also has a hotline for these updates, please call 1-360-569-2211.

Cancelation can be made by calling 855-755-2275 Between 8am-5pm PST daily.

The annual wildflower bloom depends on how fast the winter snowpack melts. The bloom can start as early as mid-July and last through as late as Early September. This is followed by fall colored foliage that lasts early to mid September through mid October. More information on the wildflower bloom can be found on the Mount Rainier National Park Website.