Due to the coin shortage in the United States we are asking all of our guests to use credit or debit when at all possible. In addition to the shortage, this practice will also limit the amount of shared touched surfaces between guests and associates helping to decrease the likelihood of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Thank you for your efforts in these challenging times.

Paradise Inn is closed for 2020, National Park Inn is OPEN. Reservations for 2021 are now available.

Summer Activities

The breathtaking national park surrounding Paradise Inn and National Park Inn offers excellent opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, and mountain climbing. Most roads are open from late May to early October, and all provide stunning views and access to a variety of hiking trails and other sites.

Hiking and Nature Walks

With 240 miles of trails to explore, a wondrous experience awaits for the whole family.

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Mountain Climbing

At 14,410 feet tall, Mount Rainier is traversed by thousands of climbers each year. The exhilaration of the climb is well worth the adventure.

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From the avid angler to the novice fisherman, Mt. Rainier National Park has crystal clear freshwater streams and rivers naturally populated with various fish.

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Camping at Mt. Rainier offers a total of 555 developed campsites in four different campgrounds and backcountry sites.

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Learning Programs

Naturalists from the National Park Service offer a variety of talks, slideshows, films, and guided nature and history walks. Evening campfire programs at White River, Paradise, Longmire, and Ohanapecosh are held in summer. For times and topics, check the park newspaper, Tahoma News, or bulletin boards.

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